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  • Do the prices you show on the website for Houston stock include shipping?

    Now every bundle on our website is priced with flatbed truck delivery already included - right to your door! Not only do our prices now include delivery (even a single bundle!) but we also offer a sliding discount for larger orders.

  • How many slabs in a Bundle?

    For 3cm materials the bundle is usually with 6/7 slabs and for 2cm materials it's around 8/9 slabs.

  • How many slabs to fill a truck?

    06 Bundles of 3cm (around 42 slabs).

  • What is the minimum order?

    You can buy from 1 single slab to a full truck of 42. It’s the same cost if you take just one bundle or if you fill-up the truck, so the more you can take the cheaper you’ll end up paying for freight on the sqft.

  • Can we order a couple slabs at a time or there is a minimum bundle order.

    Minimum order is 1 bundle of 6 slabs.

  • Can we mix colors to make it a bundle?

    Yes, if you want to mix slabs from different bundles to make one bundle order or more, that would be fine. You just need to let us know the colors you are interested in and we will make the order for you.

  • Where are you guys based? Is it Brazil or in the US?

    Our factory is based here in Brazil where we are able to buy, cut, and give the final finish to the materials. But, we recently opened a warehouse in Houston Texas to attend and fast supply our customers and start improving on our logistics.

  • What are the differences between Stock USA and Stock Brazil?

    We stock slabs in two different locations, our US warehouse in Houston, Texas (Stock USA) and our headquarters factory in Vitoria, Brazil (Stock Brazil).

  • I live in the US. Can I still buy products from stock in Brazil?

    Yes! You can even buy single bundles from Brazil through our Houston warehouse!

  • I’m ready to import. How long will it take to receive my stone from stock in Brazil?

    Ocean transport from Brazil should take about 45 days to arrive in the US.

  • How long after my purchase will the products be delivered?

    Once your container lands in the US it takes about seven days for us to unload, inspect, and deliver your materials to your door.  Note that we take care of all the logistics from either of our locations all the way to you.

  • What are the differences between blocks, bundles, and slabs?

    Brothers sources our natural stone in large pieces called blocks that we find at quarries located all over Brazil.  On average, each block can be sliced to produce about 50 slabs of 3CM thickness or 65 slabs of 2CM thickness.
    For inventory purposes we then organize all of the slabs from a single block into a bundle. Each bundle contains about six 3CM slabs or 8 2CM slabs.

  • I’ve found a bundle I like but it’s marked as “Coming Soon”. Can I buy it now or should I wait until it’s available?

    You can absolutely buy materials tagged as “Coming Soon”!  Each bundle should list an estimated time of arrival to our Houston warehouse.  Once these materials arrive they can be delivered right away or combined with other bundles in stock.  Lead times can occasionally be long so please make sure the ETA given for your chosen bundle will work with your project or deadline.

  • What are the differences between the finishes (polished / honed / leathered) and do different finishes work better on certain materials?

    Polished is the most common finish you’ll see at Brothers and is the smooth and shiny finish you’re probably used to seeing on granite at bars or hotels.  Leathered slabs are another option, in which special tools are used at our factory to give the material a rough textured matte finish. Honed is an intermediate finish where the slabs are given a matte finish but are still relatively smooth.

    Honed or leathered finishes are the best choice for softer materials that are expected to wear, such as marbles or some dolomites, as this finish makes any blemish much harder to see and much easier to repair.

  • Can you explain the difference between the different types or compositions of stone?

    It’s very important to be informed about the characteristics and make-up of the material you’re choosing.  Brothers works with many different types of stone including granite, quartzite, dolomitic marble, soapstone, and different types of schists.
    Some of these are more suitable for certain projects and we urge you to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns about anything that we sell.

  • What are the uses for the different thicknesses (2CM vs 3CM)? Are there differences in durability?

    Both 2CM and 3CM slabs can be used for most applications and which type you should buy is likely based on what part of the country you live in.  It’s much more common to see the thinner 2CM stone for vertical applications on a wall and bathroom counters or vanities.
    2CM materials are not as strong as 3CM and need to be supported with a frame underneath the stone to prevent cracking or breaking.

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