Carrinho Flutuante

Delivery Now Included on All 2+ Bundle Orders

You heard right! Now every bundle on our site is priced with delivery already included on a flatbed truck - straight to your door!

Pricing is calculated assuming a minimum order of two bundles. Orders of 3 bundles and above will get extra discounts and full truck orders of 6 bundles will receive our best price!

Even better - for our fabricators in Texas or near our Houston warehouse we can offer the same all-inclusive pricing for single bundle deliveries!

Since our founding over 15 years go our goal has always been to allow fabricators to buy the best Brazilian stone direct from the source through a simple and efficient process.

We feel this new pricing method is a huge step in that direction and we encourage you to visit the website today to see the prices of material - with delivery included - and find out just how easy it can be to buy from Brothers in Granite!


*For our customers that receive direct container pricing, this flatbed option will be disabled by default.

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